The Pakrineeme natural gas loading arm installed by RVT Ehitus

  • 2024-03-13

RVT Ehitus completed the installation of the natural gas loading arm with the hydraulic power unit for the haulage wharf built in Lahepera Bay in Paldiski. The work costing 600,000 euros was commissioned by Elering, and the winning tender was made by Mapri Ehitus.

Taavo Säärits, CEO of RVT Ehitus, says that the condition for submitting a tender for the Elering procurement was to find a suitable crane vessel. "Due to the fact that the loading arm weighing 50 tons is located significantly above sea level and a crane vessel that could lift to the height of at least 40 meters was needed, the selection of cranes in our area was very small. Fortunately, we were able to rent a crane from Poland suitable for installation, with a lifting capacity of 330 tons."

The loading arm arrived in Estonia by road and was assembled on the quay of Paldiski North Port so that it could be hooked onto a crane vessel and transported around the Paldiski peninsula to the installation position at the haulage wharf. "When the crane vessel arrived, we were lucky with the weather because after one stormy day, it was a very calm, beautiful sunny day, and we were able to complete the installation work," said Taavo Säärits.

According to Reigo Kebja, a member of Elering's management board and assets manager, the cooperation in installing the loading arm went smoothly. "We are very pleased that there were no significant obstacles in terms of weather or technology that could have interfered with the installation schedule. The cooperation partner had carefully prepared for the installation of the loading arm and played out all possible scenarios in advance, which certainly facilitated the success of the project," said Kebja.

Säärits believes that the installation of the loading arm will give Estonian gas consumers additional security: there are different gas supply options in the country. He also hopes that it will give manufacturing companies the courage to plan and invest in Estonia in order to develop industries that need large-scale energy and provide work for builders, the technology sector, suppliers, and employees.

RVT Ehitus, which deals with environmental and industrial construction, had a turnover of 7 million euros in 2023 and employs six specialists. Among the works carried out by the company are the reconstruction of the mechanical cleaning stage of the Tallinn wastewater treatment plant, the construction works of the Estonian Cell biogas plant and the aerobic wastewater treatment plant, the expansion of the Raumedic Estonia production building, and the clean room installation works.