TEKCE Redefines Overseas Property Investment: Unlocking Opportunities and Diversification in Global Real Estate Markets

  • 2023-12-06

TEKCE, a leading real estate investment company, has emerged as a game-changer in the field of overseas property investment, offering a comprehensive system tailored to bring investors both profitability and an enhanced quality of life. Since its inception in 2004, TEKCE has strategically curated a diverse portfolio focusing on key regions, including Spain, Türkiye, North Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates, and Sweden.

Real estate investment is recognized globally as a lucrative avenue, with TEKCE at the forefront, leveraging its company values to provide investors with not only profitable options but also a high standard of living. The company's commitment to excellence is reflected in its meticulous approach to identifying promising countries and real estate types through collaboration with field experts.

So, Why Real Estate Investment?

TEKCE recognizes the numerous advantages of real estate investment, such as passive income, stable cash flow, tax advantages, diversification, and leverage. Investors stand to benefit from rental income, capital appreciation, and revenues generated by property-dependent commercial activities. 

The sector offers a plethora of profit-making opportunities and investment strategies, with TEKCE guiding investors based on their unique objectives and property types.

Spain: The Real Estate Star of Europe

Its location is easily accessible, particularly in European countries. The historical and scenic splendor is truly breathtaking, and the property prices in Spain are remarkably affordable when compared to those in EU member countries.

The most significant advantage lies in the favorable return on investment for properties for sale in Spain. This is attributed to the escalating demand for rentals, the substantial influx of tourists, and the burgeoning real estate sector, providing a diverse array of options with positive profit margins.

However, the noteworthy aspect is the quality of life it affords. Spain offers a warm and vibrant lifestyle where diverse cultures can harmoniously coexist. Its cultural richness attracts individuals from across Europe and other continents. Prospective investors are not merely drawn to financial gains; they also seek to reside in and experience daily life in Spain. Evident examples include Americans and British citizens, with more than 377,000 Americans having traveled to Spain in June 2022—a notable 86.9% increase from the same month in the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

Under TEKCE's customer preferences, the prime real estate investment locations in Spain are Malaga, Alicante, and Murcia. These locales are distinguished by their prime locations for a leisurely beach lifestyle, allowing residents to partake in a variety of outdoor activities.

Turkey: A Hub of Real Estate Potential

Turkey presents significant potential for real estate investors and developers, combining a substantial construction industry with expanding commercial and industrial output. Its prime location at the intersection of Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia enhances its appeal, as it is not only a robust local market but also strategically positioned near major global economies. Consequently, the market exhibits high diversity at both the local and global levels, offering an excellent opportunity to secure a substantial market share. Moreover, investors can benefit from favorable industry prospects and a welcoming business climate.

Beyond economic considerations, it is essential to highlight Turkey's distinctive features, including its four seasons, warm climate, scenic beauty, excellent standard of living, and relatively low cost of living. These attributes contribute to an organic demand that bolsters the real estate market. For instance, the need for real estate arises from individuals traveling for business purposes who seek to establish a life and business in the country. With 300 days of sunshine, historical significance, and scenic beauty, Turkey attracts a significant number of tourists throughout the year, creating a continuous demand for accommodation.

A specific illustration of this demand is evident in Antalya, Turkey's tourist hub, where purchasing property is common for both year-round and seasonal living. In 2022, foreign buyers acquired 21,860 out of 80,459 real estate properties in Antalya. Additionally, investors focused on Istanbul, a perennial real estate leader, and Trabzon, an emerging star in the market.

In summary, Turkey consistently requires a robust housing sector to meet the needs of both domestic and foreign residents. This dynamic indicates that properties for sale in Turkey experience rapid rentals, swift sales, and constant demand, making it an attractive market for real estate investments.

United Arab Emirates: Prestige and Luxury in Dubai

The real estate market in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has witnessed remarkable growth, particularly in the realm of branded real estate. Branded real estate entails affiliations with well-established companies, imparting an aura of exclusivity and status. For instance, akin to its influence in Spain, Lamborghini previously dominated the Dubai market with a construction project inspired by its iconic design, resulting in swift sales of all the flats.

This innovative approach has not only transformed the city's skyline but has also solidified Dubai's position as a prominent international hub for luxury real estate. Consequently, the acquisition of property in Dubai signifies the investor's prestige, attracting an influx of affluent investors and thereby contributing to the escalating value of real estate.

Beyond the financial return on investment, these projects often boast unparalleled and sophisticated designs within the high-end sector. They seamlessly integrate luxury and elegance, featuring amenities ranging from elevators designed for sports cars to hotel residences offering a plethora of services.

Dubai's real estate investments present an optimal choice for individuals seeking a prestigious investment poised for rapid appreciation and a luxurious lifestyle.

North Cyprus: The Premium Island Life Experience

The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus constitutes a prominent Mediterranean destination, renowned for its appeal in both investment opportunities and exceptional living conditions. Factors such as minimal living expenses, lucrative rental potential, and a coastal lifestyle contribute significantly to the rationale behind individuals opting to invest in North Cyprus property.

While it may be perceived as a relatively modest landmass due to its status as an island nation, North Cyprus encompasses a substantial expanse featuring five significant districts. The extensive availability of seafront real estate across all regions has propelled North Cyprus to the forefront of the global housing market, garnering substantial attention and preference. In the 2021 Global Property Survey conducted by Live and Invest Overseas, a reputable authority in business and investment, Forbes characterizes North Cyprus as "the best of the Mediterranean at a fraction of the cost of living the Med life elsewhere."

Beyond being a sought-after European vacation destination, Cyprus boasts a sizable population of young students owing to its esteemed universities, contributing to the perpetual vibrancy and activity within the country. Conversely, the casino culture and entertainment sector exhibit a robust presence, mirroring the strength of summer tourism.

In recent years, North Cyprus has also successfully attracted retirees, particularly within the last five years, owing to its affordability in terms of living expenses and property acquisition. This phenomenon has led to the emergence of the term "rising retirement haven" within the sector.

TEKCE Guarantees 100% Happiness and Zero Failure for Overseas Investors

TEKCE's commitment to investor success extends beyond property acquisition, with a promise of 100% happiness and zero failure. Investors benefit from working closely with real estate experts and lawyers throughout the entire process. TEKCE's innovative TeleProperty service allows investors to remotely manage the legal home purchase process, ensuring transparency and convenience. 

The company's dedication to post-purchase services, including TeleMortgage and after-sales procedures, sets TEKCE apart in providing a seamless and holistic investment experience.

About TEKCE:

TEKCE is a leading real estate investment company with a focus on overseas property markets. Established in 2004, the company is committed to providing investors with profitable opportunities and an enhanced standard of living.

TEKCE stands as a trusted partner for those seeking success in the global real estate market with a strategic portfolio encompassing key regions around the world.

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