Simple and festive wonders of Druskininkai – forget your worries and enjoy life

  • 2024-02-13

Winter, filled with the magic of the season, is always generous with gifts, however, to treat ourselves and our loved ones we don't really need a special occasion. And even more so when it comes to our wellness. In the darkest and coldest time of the year, Druskininkai, located in the southernmost part of the country, embraces everyone with a welcoming warmth and a reminder that the time has come to think about yourself! So take some quality time for yourself and dive into the ocean of carefree bliss – enjoy a wide range of wellness treatments and relaxation, and once you've strengthened your body and refreshed your soul, set off to discover the joyful celebration of life. 

More than a thousand treatments

For hundreds of years, Druskininkai has attracted people to its wide range of wellness services. Here, professionals, who pass on their skills from one generation to the next, constantly add new knowledge to their extensive expertise. From mud baths, amber treatments, sauna rituals and various massages to music therapy and cryosaunas, you can find all of these and many more therapies in one cosy little town. 

Did you know that today there are more than 1,300 different treatments in nine health and treatment centres and numerous spas in Druskininkai? All of them cover both traditional and more modern wellness and diagnostic practices. 

In Druskininkai, therapies are being developed to help boost immunity, restore physiological metabolism, relax from stress, and cleanse the body of toxins. The treatments are carried out using a wide range of materials and methods: therapeutic mud, amber, oxygen, salt, music, honey, extreme cold, leeches, French lavender, Lithuanian pine extract, chocolate, stones, clay, buckwheat, rose oil, the sun, the air and more – everything that helps people feel in harmony with nature  as well as themselves.

Breathe in the air cleaner than in the mountains

Many people know that Druskininkai has always been famous for its healing springs. However, it is not the only source of health offered by nature: the resort's air is special as well. Druskininkai doesn’t suffocate from industry and other sources of pollution, and its centuries-old pine forests are the city's huge lungs, purifying the air and saturating it with precious essential oils. Even more amazing sensations await you in the ionisation therapy pavilion in the K. Dineika Wellness Park. It is unique for its exceptionally clean air, rich in negative ions – a concentration estimated to be almost 100 times higher than in the mountains!

The tropics and snow together

Druskininkai has plenty to offer for the whole family at any time of the year. Even on the coldest days in winter, you can feel like you are in a southern resort – the air temperature in the Aquapark always reaches 30–31 °C, and the water in the swimming pools is 26–27 °C. Meanwhile, if you long for the winter on hot summer days, all you need to do is open the door of the Snow Arena, where the average temperature ranges from 2 °C to 4 °C, and where advanced technology provides the ski slopes with fresh snow, free of chemical additives.

Fairytale-like winter holidays

Believe it or not, but Santa himself, the host of winter holidays, has recently decided to set up his house in the Druskininkai Snow Arena. After all, it's where you can enjoy cold and clean snow every day. Therefore, beginning with the first days of December, the arena will be the official Christmas residence. 

At that time, the dark winter evenings in Druskininkai will be illuminated with the brightest colours and warmed by the cosy expectation of the most beautiful holiday of the year. On the first Saturday evening in December, the town will invite you to one of its most important Christmas events, full of kindness, music, fun, scents, flavours and, of course, lights. It will be like a fairytale – the town's tall Christmas tree, draped in glowing laser lights, will shine at the heart of the resort, and a park of originally decorated Christmas trees will light up around the Musical Fountain. On the façade of the Municipality building spectacular audiovisual performances will take place – a colourful 3D projection that will tell a lively Christmas story. 

The town promises plenty of things to do during the festive period, so hurry up, study the programme at and plan your time to have fun. 

A journey of gourmet explorations

They say that some of the impressions you get when visiting a new place are remembered through tastes when you return. Be sure that your stay in Druskininkai is rich in unique gastronomic adventures. Mushroom and berry dishes are a must when visiting the resort, as the main ingredients of the region's national dishes are what local people make a living from. You can also visit the famous cheese farm and participate in its production yourself. The world's only Tree Cake Museum also invites you to immerse in a similar gourmet experience – to bake an amazing melt-in-your-mouth dessert. And there are countless gourmet temptations, from world cuisines to restaurants acclaimed by demanding food critics. So discover, taste, savour and enjoy. Not just food but also life!