Siauliai, the City of the Sun, is for everyone thinking about the future

  • 2024-01-30

Located in the northern part of Lithuania, Siauliai, a modern, compact metropolis, the economic centre of northern Lithuania, known widely as the City of the Sun, strives to pay huge efforts for developing both the city’s general infrastructure and, particularly, that designated to business, smartly and sustainably, creating a favourable environment for everyone.

Historically, Siauliai is also the most important infrastructural and logistical hub of the region. With that profoundly understood, the city municipality works purposefully to strengthen the industrial areas. And, so far, many agree, it succeeds. No wonder, that, this year, the municipality of Siauliai has received a prestigious award for investments in transport infrastructure deemed important to the city and the state!

Auksines krivules are the most important and prestigious awards bestowed to Lithuanian municipalities annually. Their winners are selected by representatives of all 14 ministries, also by the representative office of the European Commission in Lithuania, the Confederation of Lithuanian Business and the Confederation of Lithuanian Industrialists.

One of the most important infrastructural hubs in Siauliai is certainly the Siauliai Industrial Park (SIP) and the Free Economic Zone (LEZ). In SIP, investments from the municipal budget, the state budget and the European Union amount to 16.44 million euros. Notably, since the establishment of the park, the companies operating there have already invested 71.1 million euros in it, creating more than 6,435 jobs.

Similar investments in the Siauliai LEZ amount to 15 million euros and the companies located here have already invested 26.11 million euros and created more than 265 jobs. The total amount of investments in both is just impressive – almost 100 million euros and nearly 130 million euros when all the investments, including those in the city, are counted!

Notably, investors in the Siauliai Industrial Park and the Siauliai Free Zone are exempt from land rent and real estate taxes, which are usually added to the municipal budget.  Until January 2023, nearly a million, to be precise, 943,133.91 euros of the taxes, was paid by the municipality itself, allowing the businesses located in LEZ and SIP to save as much!

Needless to say, the infrastructure in the territories of the LEZ and the industrial park is being improved: the completion of the installation of the railway infrastructure is currently being carried out there and, in the future, it will be possible to transport raw materials and manufactured products, and to receive short-term storage services as well.

Looking forward, expansion of the industrial hubs is foreseen – the city has already marked additional areas for business development. 

Street renovation works are constantly ongoing in the city with the infrastructure being created not only for the convenience of residents, but also for businesses. Renovation of the intersection of Pramonė - Serbentų Street and Serbentų Street, as well as the installation of a new part of the internal bypass on Aukštabalis Street, which connected the European highways A9 Panevėžys-Šiauliai and A12 Riga-Šiauliai-Tauragė, has been completed recently. Meanwhile, the internal bypass designed to reduce traffic congestion on the city streets and improve business opportunities allows easier bypass of the busiest city streets and access to areas open for business.

Siauliai is constantly changing and modernizing and growing, assessing the needs of city residents, guests, and businesses. 

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