The new Social Democrats

It was recently announced that the Estonian Social Democratic Party and the Russian Party have

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Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear

“Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear!” is the headline circulating on Facebook as we

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Closing the gap in understanding

Poland is the link between the three Baltic States and the heart of Europe. This Baltic neighb

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National love stories

The possibility of world-scale conflict in 2012 due to Iran’s nuclear program is large,

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A new technocratic revolution or the end of modern nations?

We live in a time of obsession with power. As Zygmunt Bauman wittily noticed, the old formula

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How not to make friends – Warsaw style

After a two-month pause Poland has once again begun to lecture Lithuania about the need to cha

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Election observer discusses extinction of real men

Forty-one-year-old Giedrius Drukteinis, a journalist, communication and business consultant, f

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Pinocchio and the economic crisis

Much has been written by pundits and organizations about the causes and consequences of the cu

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Technocrats and governments

Greece and Italy have both recently installed governments which are being called technocratic

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