Russia has made clear its desire to renew its empire by destroying Europe's security architecture - Murniece

  • 2022-05-09
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Russia has clearly made clear its desire to renew its empire by attempting to destroy the security architecture of Europe, Saeima Speaker Inara Murniece (National Alliance) said while addressing those present at the Lestene Brethren Cemetery in memory of those who fought during World War II on Sunday.

"World War II ended with the German capitulation to Europe on May 8, 1945. Unlike the countries of Western Europe, May 8 did not bring peace and freedom to the people of Latvia. We honor and commemorate all those who fought for a free Latvia. Legionnaires, national partisans, dissidents - everyone who held Latvia's freedom and national pride above, Murniece said.

During the event, Murniece noted that this year people are paying tribute to those who fought during the Second World War and defeated Nazi Germany in an unusual and alarming time - as 74 days ago, Russia launched an aggressive but generally unsuccessful military invasion of Ukraine.

The Speaker of the Saeima emphasized that Russia's plan provided not only for an invasion, but also abolishing the statehood of Ukraine, eradicating the Ukrainian language and making the Ukrainians themselves non-existent. There is a clear desire to renew the Russian empire and to occupy other countries, thus destroying Europe's security architecture step by step. "History shows once again that Russia cannot tolerate an independent nation-state in its neighborhood. Latvia has been remembering this since 1940, and we always remember this," Murniece said.

The Speaker of the Saeima also noted that practically all the countries of the free world have come to the aid of Ukraine, and it receives a lot of military support from allies, while Russia is experiencing unprecedented sanctions. "For the Ukrainian people, this is a historical dividing line. For Ukraine, it means a new future - in Europe and Western civilization," Murniece said.