On-demand workspace platform WIP to establish Northern Europe’s first digital nomad village with Tallink Hotels

  • 2021-11-23

TALLINNThe remote work village to be founded in Tallinn is the first of its kind, anchored in the center of a European capital. The hub will leverage Estonia's digital excellence combined with close proximity to nature to attract digital nomads and local remote workers alike.

The idea of Tallinn digital nomad village is based on the creation of a global network of on-demand workspaces that connect remote workers with local service providers. By creating a micro-region with 100 workspaces for 1000 remote workers, WIP and Tallink Hotels aim to raise awareness of remote work opportunities and attract digital nomads around the world.

The village will bring together a wide range of remote workspaces from automatic private booths to collaborative workspaces and meeting rooms – all within a 5-minute walk – connected with social activities and transport hubs, yet only 15 minutes from the real forest.

WIP co-founder and CEO Hardi Kinnas: „By now it is quite clear that work has changed for good. Nine-to-five office jobs are a thing of the past and employees are increasingly demanding their freedom to work anytime, anywhere. The concept of remote work villages will soon be introduced in all major European cities. The Tallinn nomad village is the first step towards pioneering the triumph of remote work in our small but advanced digital society.“

If technology allows employees to work from anywhere, the need for permanent large office space will be reviewed. Entrepreneurs and employers are already planning work and office life in a new way. Digitalisation has accelerated the growth of the gig economy and the nature of work is turning increasingly short-term and urgent.

According to Ave Svarts, member of the board of Tallink Hotels, also the way we think about free time and vacation is changing. „A single important meeting in the middle of a week is no longer an obstacle to a family holiday, nor do we need to always work in the same office, city or even country. We are clearly seeing the paradigm shift in working and traveling for our hotel guests. The working booths in our newly renovated Tallink City Hotel have been very well received and are increasingly used to working flexibly,“ said Svarts.

About WIP

WIP is an on-demand workspace platform that enables office space sharing and renting workspaces by usage. The company is on a mission to connect remote work communities with various local initiatives and develop a network of remote workspaces around the world. The company is backed by renowned investors and economy innovators, such as Bolt’s co-founder Martin Villig and Indrek Hääl, founder of Workland Offices. More info https://workinpeace.io/venues/digital-nomad-village

About Tallink Hotels

Tallink Hotels is one of the largest hotel chains in Estonia, managed by a subsidiary of AS Tallink Group. The brand includes four hotels in Tallinn old town, city center and the immediate vicinity of Riga’s old town. More info tallinkhotels.com