Rating investment risk

  • 2003-10-23
  • By TBT staff
RIGA - Two leading financial magazines, Euromoney and Institutional Investor, have published new investment risk ratings for countries across the globe.

Curiously, the two are almost identical in terms of order of ranking East European countries, and one cannot help but wonder if the two magazines' analysts peeked over one another's shoulders during their surveys.
On the other hand, perhaps they didn't. Few would argue that Romania poses less investment risk than, say, Slovenia, but whether Hungary or the Czech Republic is more investor-friendly can be a matter of debate.
In the six months since the previous surveys Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria climbed most in both rankings, while Russia also improved its ranking in both surveys.
Not surprisingly, Belarus' ranking dropped substantially.
The two magazines included approximately 170 countries each in their surveys.