Estonia names Pussy Riot lawyers in defense of captured intelligence officer

  • 2014-09-11
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

Pussy Riot’s Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Maria Alekhina (photo: flickr)

Estonia has appointed the lawyers of famous Russian punk band Pussy Riot in the defense of a captured Estonian intelligence official.

Lawyers Mark Feigin and Nikolai Polozov have been appointed to defend intelligence officer Eston Kohver controversially captured taken to a Moscow prison last week.

Controversy surrounds the capture of Kohver, 44, a Estonian intelligence official.

Tallinn says Kohver was abducted in Estonian territory last Friday by members of Russia's secret service whilst investigating a case of cross border crime.

However, Moscow says Kohver was carrying out espionage when the incident happened. Kohver now remains in a Moscow jail awaiting charges. If guilty, the  year old could face up to 20 years in prison.

Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet said it would choose the best defense for the lawyer.

“Given the extremely complicated situation, we find it necessary to guarantee the Estonian citizen the best possible legal defense,” said Paet.

Estonia considers the detention of Kohver to be illegal and demands his immediate return to Estonia, the foreign minister added.

Feigin and Polozov have among others been defense lawyers of members of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot. Pozolov has defended also Russian oppositional Left Front leader Sergei Udaltsov.

Estonian Public Broadacsting's correspondent said that the Lefortovo court allowed on Saturday arresting Kohver for two months. The arrest decision was announced at a court hearing where the lawyer appointed to Kohver in Russia, Yevgeni Aksyonov was present. It's believed Kohver will have a court hearing in two months time, Public Broadcasting reports.