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Russia lifts import ban on several products

  • 2014-08-21
  • From wire reports, RIGA

Russia has removed several products from its list of agricultural products that may not be imported into the country, according to a decree issued by the Russian government.

The import ban has been lifted for lactose-free milk, lactose-free dairy products, seed potatoes, seed onions, seed sweet corn and seed peas, the BBC reports.

The ban has also been lifted for sports nutrition, biologically-active food supplements, and complexes of vitamins and minerals.

Russia has also allowed imports of Atlantic salmon and trout fingerlings.

But there's little hope for Latvian farmers despite the partial lift on certain products as they do not import such products, Latvia's agriculture ministry has said.

On August 7, Russia introduced an embargo on the majority of food products that come from the EU, the United States and other Western countries that imposed sanctions against Moscow.