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French mine sweeper opens doors to public

  • 2014-05-22
  • From wire reports, VILNIUS

French Navy vessel Cassiopee will sail into Klaipeda seaport on Friday, May 23, and will be visiting till Tuesday, reports ELTA. The ship will be open to the public during the weekend.

The Lithuanian Embassy in France has reported that the vessel will participate in the military exercise Open Spirit 2014 and afterwards will be staying in the Klaipeda seaport from May 23-27.

The tripartite-class mine-hunter M642 Cassiopee is designed to ensure safe navigation, and to search for and destroy mines. Two French Navy vessels, Cassiopee and Aigle, were tasked to contribute to mine-clearing operations in the Baltic Sea. The visit is intended to augment cooperation in the area of mine clearing and enhance relations between neighboring countries.