Shakespeare’s Hamlet onstage in Tallinn

  • 2014-04-03
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

The Globe theater in London, which is on a worldwide tour, will perform William Shakespeare's “Hamlet” in Tallinn City Theater on May 16, and in Tartu, in the grand building of the Vanemuine theater, on May 17, the Tallinn Tourism board said, reports LETA.

450 years will have passed from the birth of the most legendary playwright of our culture on April 23, 2014. As a celebration, the Globe theater in London has taken on an extraordinary task – to stage “Hamlet” and perform it in every country in the world. Performances will be given to 205 different nationalities.

Shakespeare's play has been made into a dynamic performance, which the theater group is able to perform everywhere, from grand theater buildings to small village squares.

The original Globe theater was built in 1599 and reconstructed in 1997, when the new round building opened its door to the public, maintaining a look and feel as close as possible to the original theater.

The producers pay close attention to staying true to Shakespeare’s era – the performances are held in daylight, music is made by acoustic instruments and authenticity is also preserved in regard to the costumes and the staging of plays.

The Globe’s interpretation of “Hamlet” allows the viewer to travel back in time and experience a performance the same way people did at the beginning of the 17th century. It also grants the audience an opportunity to see a play performed in Shakespearean English.