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Military training exercises to increase in Latvia

  • 2014-03-24
  • From wire reports, RIGA

National Armed Forces (NAF) Commander, Lieutenant General Raimonds Graube, interviewed by LETA, revealed that the NAF command has already begun consultations about increasing the U.S. military presence in Latvia. In lieu of the decision to decrease ground forces in Europe, the U.S., as a compensatory option intends to station brigade-level troops for a one-year training program, Graube explained.

Graube pointed out that the Baltics heretofore were not listed as a possible location for training. Now, this is an option, and there are two variations under discussion - either joint training with NAF soldiers, or the U.S. army alone, utilizing local infrastructure, the base at Adazi more than likely.

"We are in consultations at this time, therefore I cannot tell you how many soldiers, what form the training would take, the costs, and when it could happen," Graube stated, adding that he believes that there will be no delay from the Americans.