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Fishing quotas up for Estonian fleets

  • 2014-01-09
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

Estonian professional fishermen can fish for more cod and Baltic herring at sea this year than they could last year, reports Meie Maa. In the open part of the Baltic Sea, Estonia's Baltic herring fishing quota increases this year by 25 percent or 2,533 tons to 12,664 tons. In the Livonian Bay, 66 tons more of Baltic herring can be caught, i.e. 14,186 tons.

The cod fishing quota for Estonian fishermen is 1,641 tons, by 69 tons more than in 2013.

The salmon fishing quota falls to 3,589 fish, 283 less than this year, to enable faster natural restoring of reserves.

The European Commission wanted to cut the fishing quota for Baltic sprats by 11 percent to 25,442 tons but Estonia did not agree to such a big cut and the quota eventually fell by 4 percent to 27,489 tons.