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Reform Party shows greatest membership gains

  • 2014-01-03
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

Among Estonian political parties, the ruling Reform Party has gained its most members in the past five years, reports Postimees Online. While at the start of 2009, the Reform Party had 6,769 members, now it has 12,983 members. Thus, in five years, the party has gained 6,214 members.

The Estonian Social Democratic Party has increased the number of its members in percentages a lot too: while five years ago, it had 3,324 members, now it has 6,199 members. The merger with the Russian Party in Estonia in 2012 played a role here since the latter had then a bit over 1,200 members.

The Center Party has gained 3,215 members in five years and is the biggest party with its 14,226 members.

The number of members of Pro Patria and Res Publica Union has increased the least in five years: while in 2009, the party had 8,823 members, now it has 9,778 members.

Among parties not represented in the parliament, the Conservative People's Party has the most members, 7,743. Independence Party has 2,154; Estonian United Left Party 2,014 and Estonian Greens 1,173 members. Freedom Party – Farmers Assembly now has 987 members, which is below the required membership line for parties now.