‘Esplanade 2014’ events program

  • 2013-07-24

Riga becomes Europe’s Capital of Culture next year, with hundreds of special events taking place. Already now, the activities have started, evidence that a new understanding of culture as a positive force for change in people’s lives has taken hold.
The ‘Riga 2014’ creative and information space continues its active work. Here is a short listing from the program.

Thursday, July 25
14.00–16.00 Presentation of The National Library map browser. Everyone will be introduced to a historical map browser that offers new options for Latvian map research: historic maps search, selection and research, address search, place and distance measurement, historic cartographic data verification with the current data.
17.00–19.00 Art historian Ieva Kulakova will give a lecture ‘Kas notiek Sibirijas laikmetigaja maksla’ (‘What happens in Siberian contemporary art’). When preparing an exhibition ‘Horizontu meklejot’ (‘Searching for the Horizon’) curator Ieva Kalnina went to Novosibirsk in order to find out what Siberian artists do nowadays.
19.00–20.00 Aerobics lead by instructor Ilze Audzevica from ‘KL’ fitness club.

Friday, July 26
21.00–23.00 Latvian indie rock band ‘Astro’n’out’ will perform during Friday evening’s live music sessions.

Saturday, July 27
15.00–17.00 ‘Sigulda thrills!’ activities in the mood of the upcoming Sigulda Opera Festival. Introducing the concert and a festival presentation with a large-scale photo will be held. Participants: the new opera singer from Sigulda, Kalvis Kalnins, and concert master Erika Apeine.
21.00–23.00 Latvia movie night in cooperation with The National Film Center of Latvia. ‘Mammu, es tevi milu’ (‘Mum, I love you,’ 2013) directed by film director Janis Nords will be shown. His film gained great feedback at film festivals in Berlin and Los Angeles.

Sunday, July 28
Family day.
12.00–13.00 Animation films for children.
13.00–17.00 Princess workshop and pirate fun-times for children in cooperation with the ‘Mammam un Tetiem’ portal (‘For Mums and Dads’).
17.00–18.00 ‘Stars’ Well’ improvisation theater. Everyone, in performing several tasks with the guidance of Guntis Trops, will learn the basics of public speech and how to feel free on stage.
18.00–19.00 African dance lesson lead by instructor Alina Hrole from ‘Mitostyle’ studio.
More info at: www.riga2014.org