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Lithuanians most in the Baltics want to set up new companies - poll

  • 2013-04-03

VILNIUS - Establishing of new companies is most of all interesting to Lithuania's residents, however, it is Estonians who actually set up most of all new companies, a Baltic poll commissioned by the bank SEB showed.

A total of 54 percent of Lithuanians would like to establish a new company, 49 percent of Latvians and 31 percent of Estonians. However, the same poll revealed that in the last two or more years 17 percent of those polled in Estonia actually established a new company, 13 percent in Latvia and only 6 percent in Lithuania.

SEB Lithuania deputy president Aivaras Cicelis says that Lithuanians, however, do not suffer from the lack of business ideas: only 22 percent of Lithuanians named it as a problem, 24 percent of Latvians and 40 percent of Estonians.

The share of those polled who think that it is easy to set up one's own business was the highest in Estonia (45 percent), while the share in Lithuania stood at 30 percent and 29 percent in Latvia.