Ansip: no one talks about collapse of eurozone anymore

  • 2013-03-13

TALLINN – Estonian Prime Minister Andrus Ansip discussed developments in the euro area with Luxembourg's Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Jean Asselborn on Tuesday, Postimees Online reports.

Ansip said that the situation in the eurozone has considerably improved in the past year and the outlook for the future in the eurozone and in the European Union as a whole is more optimistic than before.

"No one talks about the breaking up of the euro are anymore," said Ansip. "The euro area and the European Union are certainly more stable than a year ago."

Ansip and Asselborn agreed that the EU should not create new crisis measures anymore but should make efforts to adhere to existing agreements and set aims.

Ansip also expressed gladness that heads of governments and states reached an agreement on the next EU budget.