Labor Party doesn’t dismiss minimum wage increase

  • 2013-03-13

VILNIUS - Deputy Seimas Speaker Vytautas Gapsys said that Labor Party does not dismiss plans for further increase of the minimum monthly wage even though Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius says that at least this year the minimum monthly wage will not grow, writes LETA.

"We have already said in our program that there is a need to increase minimum monthly wage. The first step has been made and such move forward is a positive thing. But we have explained clearly to coalition partners what must be done in the economy so that businessmen would be able to earn money and pay such minimum monthly wage. We understand fully that without certain economic moves minimum monthly wage increase is a risky step, therefore we will definitely work on economic package during this Seimas session," said Gapsys.

Gapsys pointed out that if coalition partners do not support initiatives of the Labor party then "a question will arise whether we together implement Government program, or not."