Sudraba will not continue working in state administration

  • 2012-12-27

RIGA - Latvian Auditor General Inguna Sudraba is not revealing her plans for after leaving the State Audit Office, but points out that she will not continue working in state administration, writes LETA.

In an interview with LETA Sudraba said that back when she was working at the Finance Ministry she already saw much of the state administration system. At the State Audit Office, she saw state administration in its entirety, and there is no other such position in public administration, says the auditor general.

Another reason why Sudraba does not see herself working in state administration is the past audits at various state institutions. Sudraba's professional ethics prevent her from working at these institutions.

The auditor general also emphasizes that she cannot work in a system where work is organized in contradiction to her principles.

Asked about working at a European Union institution or in the private sector, Sudraba points out that, while performing her current duties, she does not consider other job offers.

Since the introduction of the uniform salary system in the public sector, the State Audit Office has been having problems with keeping the employees from leaving – many Audit Office staff members have accepted better-paid and less work-intensive jobs, Auditor General Inguna Sudraba said.

As a result, the Audit Office's work has become less efficient, because the Audit Office has to spend more resources on the training of new employees.

On the other hand, there is no institution like the Audit Office in the public sector, says Sudraba: the Audit Office has a good reputation and does work that is appreciated by society. The Audit Office also tries to motivate employees by offering them to learn new experience abroad, as the Audit Office is involved in many international activities.

Unfortunately, due to the current remuneration system in public administration, the Audit Office staff members are often offered jobs that are much better paid and have much lower requirements, and many accept such job offers, says Sudraba.

As reported, Sudraba's second term in office will expire in the second half of January.