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Butkevicius presents government’s program

  • 2012-12-11

VILNIUS – Incoming Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius (pictured) today at the Seimas presented the program of the 16th government. Butkevicius pointed out that the key measure of the government's performance was the wellbeing of Lithuanian people, while the main value and the source of wealth was work.

According to the incoming PM the new government will pay particular attention to the increase of the employment rates.

"Work is the main value and source of wealth. Therefore the main focus in the government’s program is put on job creation and the preservation of old ones. The increase of employment is the key condition to reduce the unemployment, reduce emigration and tame the economic crisis," said the incoming PM.

Butkevicius also stressed the solidarity and the importance of social justice.

"Very important condition for the economy to recover is the dialogue between employees and employers based on solidarity and social justice. We all have to share crisis hardships. Problems should not be shifted on the shoulders of ordinary people," said the incoming PM.

Butkevicius also pointed out the importance of the fight against corruption. The culture of respect for law should be developed in the society.

Incoming PM says that Lithuania has to adopt the euro by 2015.