Lipmans does not support boycott of 2014 Ice Hockey WC in Belarus

  • 2012-11-20

RIGA - President of the Latvian Ice Hockey Federation Kirovs Lipmans said that the idea of boycotting the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championships in Belarus is not one he can support, and that politics should not be mixed with sports.

“I am against boycotting the 2014 tournament,” Lipmans told members of the press today. He believes that Belarus will organize one of the best ever World Championships, as they have the motivation and finances to do so.

Lipmans said that there is too little time to name another country for the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championships, and added that Belarus will certainly organize the tournament at a high level.

LETA points out that many Western countries currently have chilly relations with Belarus due to a different view on democracy and human rights. Calls have also been heard from various organizations and political activists in these countries to boycott the 2014 tournament in Belarus.