Butkevicius: there will be no revolutions

  • 2012-11-20

Algirdas Butkevicius.

VILNIUS - Algirdas Butkevicius who has been nominated to Prime Minister Office by President Dalia Grybauskaite says that he is firmly determined to justify the expressed trust and fulfill the election promises. Butkevicius does not promise any revolutions.

"We, the new ruling coalition will seek sustainable and long-term solutions, instead of the hectic ones. Because in one night so much may be tangled that the full term will not be enough to unravel it. I would like to say clearly that () there will not be any revolutions. We will do responsible work analyzing the ongoing projects assessing their prospects in terms of continuity," said Butkevicius.

The politician says that the first urgent task ahead of the Government after its final formation and approval is the audit of all the ministries activities and the review of 2013 budget.

"The main difference between the policy of the former government and the new is that we will focus not at the cuts of budget or national funds but on the economic recovery generated revenue increases," promised Butkevicius.

The politician says that the main from of the upcoming spring real block apartment renovation works will begin. Butkevicius also promised to seek that tax policy would ensure businesses stability of tax environment.

Butkevicius says that small and medium-sized businesses will be supported in order to create more favorable conditions for newly established companies.