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Butkevicius says Visaginas NPP will not be built

  • 2012-11-09

VILNIUS - Lithuanian Social Democrats’ leader Algirdas Butkevicius, who is eyeing the prime minister’s office in wake of election victory, disclosed today that the planned nuclear power plant (NPP) at Visaginas, will not be built after all.

In an interview with news portal Butkevicius stated: "The people expressed their viewpoint at the referendum, and I will carry out their wishes. Seimas must draw up a bill as soon as possible so that the plan to build the NPP is ruled null and void, and we will support it."

Butkevicius was quick to add that his party is not opposed to atomic energy per say.

The October 14 referendum result in Lithuania, with 63 percent voting against Visaginas, has only consultative clout.