Estonian government approves of extending foreign missions

  • 2012-11-01

TALLINN – Today, the Estonian government approved the bill of extending the participation of Estonian Defense Forces’ members at foreign missions in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and Syria, NATO reaction forces and European Union anti-piracy operation, till the end of 2013, Postimees Online reports.

The decision, that requires approval by the parliament, will extend the stay of up to 170 military in Afghanistan, 3 in Kosovo and up to 3 at the UN mission in Lebanon, Israel, Egypt and Syria.

The decision also extends the use of Estonian military in the NATO reaction forces where Estonia participates with up to 45 military and mine hunter Sakala this year. Next year Estonia wishes to contribute with demining units, reconnaissance unit and logistics, altogether 20 military.

The government wishes to extend the use of up to 15 military in the EU antipiracy operation Atalanta.

The government also wishes to allow up to 5 military to participate next year in the work of an international military headquarters in case a new international military operation is initiated by NATO or EU.