Elektriraudtee wants to operate trains from Tallinn to Riga

  • 2012-09-28

TALLINN - Estonian railroad company Elektriraudtee is in talks with Latvian authorities on launching rail traffic between Tallinn and Riga, Aripaev Online reports.

Elektriraudtee operates electric trains in Tallinn and the surrounding area. Next year, the company will buy new trains and is planning to expand its operations by offering international rail traffic.

“In our vision, a trip from Tallinn to Riga would take place with our train, which is why passengers would have no need to transfer to another train in Valga," said Elektriraudtee communications manager Norbert Kaareste.

Kaareste added that before opening a train route to Riga, renovation of Riga-Valka railway had to take place.

It is possible to travel from Tallinn to Valga at 120 kilometers per hour today and the Riga-Valka route should have the same conditions. Tallinn-Riga route would be attractive to passengers if the travelling time was 4-5 hours, Kaareste said. It would take slightly more than three hours to travel from Tallinn to Valga on the new trains.

The Estonian government decided this summer that the new trains, which the state bought and which will arrive in 2013 - 2014 will be used only by the state-owned commuter train operator Elektriraudtee. The company will receive 18 electric trains and up to 20 diesel engine trains from "Stadler Bussnang AG."