Saeima approves increasing budget spending

  • 2012-09-13

RIGA - Saeima today almost unanimously endorsed amendments to this year's state budget law in the final reading, allocating an additional 88 million lats (125 million euros) for various priorities.

88 MPs voted for amending the budget, two abstained.

Previously, Saeima had agreed to distribute an additional 70 million lats for various priorities, however, the amount was increased by another 18 million lats when MPs and ministries' proposals were reviewed by Saeima committees ahead of the review of the bill in the second and final reading.

With the amendments endorsed, state budget spending this year will increase by 240 million lats altogether.

According to the amendments, additional funds will be allotted for the Health Ministry, for motivating officials involved in the measures combating the shadow economy, for the Transport Ministry, Culture Ministry, Welfare Ministry, Agriculture Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Interior Ministry, Education and Science Ministry.

Also, extra budget funds will be allotted to the Latvian Cycling Federation, Latvian Volleyball Federation, Latvian Children's Fund, schools in Liepaja, Jaunpiebalga, Karsava, reconstruction of Balvi Orthodox Church and Daile Theater's intercom system, as well as the Latvian Luge Federation, Riga Zoo, and others.

The increase in budget spending is in line with Latvia's long-term economic growth projections and with the European Union's regulations on member states' budget deficits.