Reform Party could cooperate with Harmony Center in Riga City Council coalition

  • 2012-07-12

RIGA - Sandra Sondore-Kukule, one of the leaders of the Reform Party, believes that the competition in the upcoming municipal elections is not an ethnic matter, therefore she does not support establishing a nationalist bloc to weaken Harmony Center's influence in the Riga City Council, and does not exclude the possibility of cooperating with Harmony Center in the municipality's coalition.

Sondore-Kukule points out in an interview with the newspaper "Cas" that the non-existence of "red lines" when it comes to ethnic matters is among the Reform Party's basic principles, therefore it is open to talks will all equally-minded parties, including Harmony Center.

Commenting the reasons behind the fact that the party's first talks on a joint ticket were held with Unity, Sondore-Kukule explains that the talks were held at Unity's initiative. Both parties have similar stances regarding many matters, however, the Reform Party does not exclude the possibility of cooperating with Harmony Center as well.

Sondore-Kukule emphasizes that the Reform Party is "not against someone or something." The party supports improving the municipality's management, alternative financial supervision solutions, reducing bureaucracy and would like to be able to carry out reforms in Riga. Sometimes, it is important to "breathe down other parties' necks" to promote reform and progress, says the politician.