Referendum on NPP might bring confusion in talks with partners

  • 2012-07-12

VILNIUS - A referendum on the construction of the Visaginas nuclear power plant (NPP) initiated by Lithuania’s MPs will not serve to the continuity of the project. On the opposite, it might only bring more confusion in the nuclear plant talks with regional partners, says Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius (pictured).

In the view of the prime minister, the initiative by MPs is "a pure politicking." He noted that the biggest initiative-pushers are members from the small parties and the non affiliated MPs.

"Unfortunately, today the current mandate Seimas has 18 of such politicians, much more than compared to the previous parliaments. Perhaps this is a way for them to be seen ahead of upcoming parliamentary elections," the PM said.

Kubilius also pointed out that the residents are rather skeptical about such initiatives, judging from the results of the campaign to collect signatures against the construction of the NPP.

As reported, in late June Lithuania's parliament gave the green light to a consultative referendum on the construction of the Visaginas NPP.

Lithuania's lawmakers voted 64-35 with 25 abstentions to approve the draft law.

The draft law proposing a referendum stipulates the following text for voters: "I am in favour of constructing a new nuclear power plant in the Republic of Lithuania".

The consultative referendum is expected to be held along with the upcoming parliamentary elections in October.