Women emigrate from Estonia more often than men

  • 2012-07-10

TALLINN - Although the 2012 census in Estonia did not determine the number of people who have left Estonia to settle abroad, analysis of data from the e-census indicates that women were more frequently noted emigrating from Estonia than men were, writes the National Broadcasting.

A total of 1,001,863 personal forms were received during the e-census, 994,896 of them noted the type of a person in terms of place of residence. 940,863 persons were noted as permanent residents of Estonia, 32,819 were temporary residents, of whom 22,915 had their permanent place of residence in Estonia and 21,214 had left Estonia.

According to the analysis on the data in e-census forms, the biggest share of emigrants from Estonia occurred in the age group of 25-29 years. This means that people who have completed their education leave Estonia.

The data revealed that the number of women among emigrants was significantly higher than the number of men. The Statistics Board has hypothesized that men are more involved in commuting immigration, moving between their place of work and the country of residence while women who leave Estonia settle in another country permanently, reported LETA.