Taskila: Estonian Air is not in a crisis

  • 2012-07-05

TALLINN - Estonian national carrier Estonian Air’s CEO Tero Taskila plans to lead the company into profits with the earlier concept despite losses, Eesti Paevaleht writes.

In an interview with Eesti Paevaleht, Taskila, when answering the question how big the loss of Estonian Air was in the first six months of the year, said that they know the figures but don’t reveal them publicly yet and the real results will become clear at the end of the year.

"But I confirm again that Estonian Air is not in a crisis. We just haven’t had enough time to make a lot of decisions on cutting costs since we have been involved in attracting people to planes and new routes," he said.

Commenting upon the recent changes in the council of the company, Taskila said that two new members were appointed there since the term of work of two earlier ones expired. As to why Erkki Raasuke will take over the chairman's post from Joakim Helenius, Taskila said that "since the council chairman will start evaluating our progress more in detail, Erkki Raasuke who is better prepared for time consuming work was appointed as the council chairman," he said.

Taskila admitted though that the loss of the company in the first half of the year was bigger than forecast.