Baltic farmers demand average EU agricultural subsidies

  • 2012-06-05

TALLINN - From June 7-17, Baltic farmers are collecting signatures for a joint declaration that supports equaling agricultural support in the new European Union budgetary period 2014-2020, Ohtuleht writes.

Baltic farmers demand that in the new budgetary period, the subsidies to them be at the average EU level and ask the help of all Estonian people to achieve that. Support signatures to the petition can be given in al larger grocery stores.

"This action is a touchstone of democracy and solidarity - if Brussels does not listen to our just demands, the talk about citizens' society, solidarity and caring about its citizens is hollow," said Estonian Farmers Confederation deputy president Jaan Sorra.

Currently the EU agricultural subsidies for the Baltic States are the lowest in the EU – the average EU direct subsidies level is 269 euros per hectare while in Estonia it is 117, in Latvia 97 and in Lithuania 144 euros. According to the current EU proposals, direct subsidies will increase by 2020 to just 159 euro in Estonia, 145 in Latvia and 177 in Lithuania.