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Immigration and emigration in Estonia increased in 2011

  • 2012-05-28

TALLINN - Figures from Statistics Estonia show that 6,214 people moved out of the country last year - 920 more compared to the year before. Meanwhile immigration figures increased by 899 and reached 3,709, Estonian Public Broadcasting writes.

Similarly to previous years, more women were leaving the country, while more men moving in, the data show.

The vast majority of Estonian residents to leave the country last year, 3,600, were headed for Finland. The second most popular destination was the United Kingdom, which received over 700 people from Estonia last year - a figure over two times higher than in 2010.

The majority of immigrants to Estonia came from Russia and Finland, each bringing in about 1,200 residents last year. Another 200 each came from the United States and Ukraine.

Internal migration figures remained stable in 2011, increasing by only 3 percent compared to 2010. In total, 38,544 people changed their place of residence between counties, cities and municipalities in Estonia. 

The migration figures are based on data from the Population Registry.