Latvia, Lithuania set economy among top diplomatic priorities

  • 2010-08-26
  • TBT Staff

The foreign ministries of the two countries both held meetings with their respective ambassadors (photo: foreign ministry of Latvia)

VILNIUS - The Lithuanian and Latvian foreign ministries this week have both held meetings involving the heads of national diplomatic services at which the foreign ministers highlighted the importance of promoting the economy.

"The top priority is foreign policy activity to raise the value of strategic resources, restore Latvia's competitiveness in the region, and our economic security," said Latvian Foreign Minister Aivis Ronis.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Audronius Ažubalis expressed similar priorities, similarly focussing on economic aspects.

"Our main task is to establish Lithuania as an active, open, dynamically evolving country of the Baltic Sea region," he said.

The minster also urged his ambassadors to take an active role in boosting FDI and improving economic ties with their host countries. 

"I invite you to take initiative both in searching for potential investors in the countries of representation, and in encouraging the Lithuanian business to look for export opportunities. Your actions are particularly needed now,” he said.

The meetings were held in the run-up to an Aug. 27 meeting of foreign ministers from the NB8 that is due to be held in Riga. That event will include the foreign ministers from the Nordic and Baltic countries.