Kedys’ body may be exhumed

  • 2010-08-18
  • By Rokas M. Tracevskis

VILNIUS - On Aug. 13, Prosecutor Aidas Mazeika held a press conference in the Prosecutor General’s Office to announce sensational news: there is a possibility that the body of Drasius Kedys may be exhumed. The prosecutors will send additional info about information on Kedys’ body to experts in Germany.

“The exhumation issue will be considered if foreign experts will decide that they need additional information,” Mazeika said.
“His forehead was incurved and tongue ripped. Of course, exhumation is needed,” Judge Neringa Venckiene, Kedys’ sister, told LNK TV.

Mazeika said that bruising on Kedys’ body could appear during packing, transportation or research of the corpse. “It is also possible that some injuries could appear during the agony at the moment of death,” Mazeika said during his press conference.

Earlier, newly appointed Prosecutor General Darius Valys stated that bruising on Kedys’ body could appear after his death. However, Ruta Gajauskaite, a former employee of the Lithuanian Forensic Science Center, states that bruising does not appear on dead bodies. Venckiene stated many times that she is absolutely sure that her brother was killed. That opinion is shared by a big part of the Lithuanian public. On Aug. 13, LNK news asked its viewers to answer the question, “Is it necessary to exhume Kedys’ body?” The answer was as follows: 86 percent said “yes” and 14 percent said “no.”

As if to make this horror-story even more paranormal, on Aug. 13, Audrone Skuciene, Kedys’ aunt, visited an abandoned former Soviet rocket base in the Samylos village near Kaunas, because an extra-sense medium told her that Kedys could have been jailed there during his last days. Indeed, Skuciene found one room which was much cleaner than the rest in the abandoned base. Prosecutor General experts rushed to that base on the same day.

On Oct. 5 last year, Kedys, 37, who said his young daughter had been the victim of pedophiles (including Andrius Usas, who mysteriously drowned in June this year), gunned down Kaunas Judge Jonas Furmanavicius and his daughter’s aunt. Earlier, Kedys publicly blamed both of them for being involved in the molestation. After the double murder in Kaunas, Kedys was at large. In April, Kedys was found dead near Kaunas. A gun, which was used in the double murder, was found near Kedys’ corpse. Officials concluded that in April this year, Kedys died due to vomiting caused by alcohol abuse. Kedys and Laimute Stankunaite, his former girlfriend, had a long fight over their daughter. Since the killings of Oct. 5, Kedys’ daughter lives under temporary custody of Judge Venckiene.

Starting from Aug. 31, Lithuanian TV3 will start to show a multi-serial soap opera based of the Kedys story, with actors similar in appearance to Kedys, Stankunaite and the other heroes of this real-life saga. Agatha Cristie’s detective Hercule Poirot would be interested in the fact that the doors of the offices of Venckiene and Furmanavicius were next to each other in the office building for Kaunas’ judges before the murderous story started, and this is quite a coincidence for such a big city as Kaunas, but the Lithuanian media prefer to just support fanatically one or the other side, not bothering with such complicated questions. The story became especially mysterious when prosecutors stated that they saw no injuries on Kedys’ body, when bruising seemed to be rather obvious under Kedys’ right eye during his funeral ceremonies.

Later, after the funeral, prosecutors stated that there was some bruising which could have happened after Kedys’ death. Now they state that some bruising could have appeared also during Kedys’ death agony. According to Gajauskaite, bruising under the eye is unlikely to appear during this agony.