Lithuanian MPs to face trial

  • 2010-05-21
  • Oskars Magone

Grazulis is one of two parliamentarians who will face trail for their actions at the recent pride parade (photo: Seimas)

VILNIUS - Lithuanian lawmakers Petras Grazulis and Kazimieras Uoka are to face a court for violent actions during the recent gay pride parade.

Grazulis, one of the country's most outspoken anti-gay parliamentarians, was seen climbing a fence and attacking a police officer as last weekend's pride parade came to a close. He said he could not understand why the policemen were securing the parade, which was the first of its kind in Lithuania.

"Gays had to employ the security themselves, not ask the police. What nonsense, so many forces for gays’ security," Grazulis told reporters.

Grazulis has claimed that he went to the end of the parade to ensure that the police officers cleared the marchers at the end of the official parade.

Uoka told BNS that the lawmakers may face more than two weeks in prison.

"We are accused of three things. The court will decide whether to add the sums up or not to. The biggest possible punishment is about 2,000 Litas (580 euros) and 15 days of arrest," he said.