EU-Russia relations meeting in New York

  • 2009-09-29
  • TBT Staff in cooperation with the Lithuanian MFA
VILNIUS- The meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Unionmember states and Russia occurred during the 64th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York on Sept. 25.

Lithuania'sMinister of Foreign Affairs Vygaudas Usackas said at the meeting that respectfor international law and adherence to commitments are the basis of theEU-Russia relations. These principles are important to the EU, Russia as wellas to the third parties.

The Minister expressed satisfaction about theprogress which was made in drafting a new partnership and cooperation agreementbetween the EU and Russia.

Minister Usackas also drew the attention of Russia's foreign minister SergeyLavrov to the cases of protectionism which are witnessed in trade policy, whendiscriminatory customs measures are applied, additional requirements or customsduties are introduced. Lithuania'sforeign minister noted that trade between the countries was not the reason ofglobal economic downturn, but in fact it was the way out of this situation.

 Usackasurged Russia to provideconditions for smooth trade and movement of cargo between the EU and Russia.