The Japanese garden in Lithuania

  • 2009-09-17
  • By TBT Staff

THE STONES HAVE VOICES: Experience Eastern mysticism and harmony.

PALANGA - Rapidly growing inflows of local and foreign tourists, and increasing demand for tourist products shows a need for high level leisure, rest, and accommodation and health services. The project Dainuojanciu akmens slenis "Madzuchai" (The Valley of Singing Stones) being implemented next to the resort town of Palanga attempts to develop unique and attractive facilities for local and inbound tourism.

The valley of singing stones is the largest Japanese garden project in Europe, developed by a world famous Japanese landscape architect, which will be implemented by Japanese Masters.
The concept of "Madzuchai" is based on the philosophy of harmony between the cultural, spiritual and physical state of a human being, uniting together a number of different world cultures. In order to implement this idea, a model of leisure and entertainment has been devised, embracing the archaic heritage of the Balts and the Japanese, progressive ecological technologies to create long term value.
"Madzuchai" is a new aesthetic, with a quality of leisure, rest, health and culture, allowing one to exceed any prior expectations.

This is an innovative project of high competitiveness and development which would be difficult to copy or plagiarize by anyone.
The visitors to the park will be able to enjoy high quality health, leisure, entertainment, conference and cultural services all year round, including catering, accommodation, educational (ikebana, origami, bonsai, suiseki, calligraphy, aiki-do) and other services.

Visitors will also be able to select a leisure package, meeting their needs for optimization, i.e. the package would be arranged in a diversifying manner.

The Valley is open from Monday to Sunday, all day long. And, it is not so hard to find if driving from Klaipeda: pass the airport and head towards the direction of Liepaja, to Sventoji. At the sign pointing left, "Sventoji," and a sign to the right marking "Darbenai," will be seen. When driving from Liepaja follow along the picturesque forest 2.5 km till the first village, Lazdininkai. You will notice a sign on the left side "Kuriamas japoniskas parkas," meaning a Japanese valley is being created here. Follow the sign and in a short amount of time you will be able to witness just a part of the major project that is being created, but you will already be able to enjoy the magic of the singing stones.