Bling-bling party in Tallinn

  • 2009-04-22
  • By Jana Belugina

HARD-KNOCK LIFE: Timati has grown to become one of the most popular rap artists in Russia.

TALLINN - The season most definitely affects every aspect of life 's even the party mood of the clubbers and enthusiasm of promoters. This winter Tallinn's night life has been extremely quiet, regardless of the few new parties that were born.

Sure, the economic downturn has taken its toll by preventing people from going out as much as they used to. Not to mention that the government's idea to patch up the state budget with increased taxes has discouraged even the bravest promoters on the local scene.
Added to the not-so-great weather and general pessimistic talk, and many could have felt that this is the end of the "party capital."

Well, don't be so fast to judge 's the spring rays of sun, which are not that hot yet but are already blinding and warming, seem to have awoken major event organizers, who are full of new energy as they start generating new ideas, planning and eventually inviting foreign stars to come to the city.
And, honestly, nothing could have been more anti-crisis than inviting the r'n'b and hip-hop star from Moscow Timati, also known as Mr. Black Star, along with the outstanding DJ Dlee. The two stars will be teaming up for a show at Club von Uberlingen on May 1.

Timati is probably the most famous Russian rapper. He became well known to the general public as a graduate of the Stars' Academy in 2004, and since then his name has not left the top position of various music charts.
Interested in the hip-hop culture since his teenage years, which the artist spent in Los Angeles, today Timati knows exactly what he is doing. Every single track he produces becomes a hit, all his projects 's be it with a band or a solo album 's are extremely popular.

His work is pure, 100 percent positive, happy music. Great sounds, nice lyrics and absolutely luxurious videos take one into the glamorous magazine pages.
Recently Timati recorded a track named "Groove On" with the legendary Snoop Dog. The alliance is perhaps the most ambitious instance of a Russian rap artist teaming up with a Western rapper of all time.
Timati is loved and imitated; he is adored and awaited in every big or little club of every city because his concerts are always a night of top class partying to remember.

This time Timati will not be coming alone. DJ Dlee, who will be accompanying the famous rapper, is a famous disc jockey in his own right. Dlee is the emperor of dance floors. He does not play by all the rules, does not divide hits into those which are popular or not, and does not limit himself to old school or new school only. This is a real artist who can feel the audiences' needs, deliver them the most pleasurable experience possible.
Timati and DJ Dlee's co-operation has been very productive and successful, which could not be any different when two stars perform on the same stage. In 2006, Timati released an album that was promoted by Dlee and topped all the dance charts.

Timati and DJ Dlee ensure a good mood, lots of energy and an unforgettable show. If you are ready to shake the every-day worries away at a glamorous Moscow style party, then do not miss this show.