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Anti-Semitism from Lithuanian media

  • 2009-04-21
  • TBT Staff
VILNIUS- The Lithuanian Jewish Community has recently noticed an increasedthreat of anti-Semitism in Lithuania,some members going so far as to worry that another holocaust may happen.

Simonas Aperavicius, chairman of the Lithuanian Jewish Community saidthat the media is one of the primary platforms of anti-semitism.  

"I can see that there is threat here. Some newspapers andespecially internet pages raise worries, there some persons are inviting torepeat holocaust, that Jewish people should be eliminated," Alperaviciustold reporters.

Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius said he too noticed these occurrencesand said that such publications should not be tolerated.

"I notice in some press some conscious or unconsciouslyirresponsible publications and I do not think that it should be toleratedeasily," said Kubilius.