Vilnius road rage

  • 2009-02-25
I recently visited Vilnius on business, and I was truly appalled at the way people drive. I thought the drivers were bad in Italy, but here people drive like maniacs!
It all started when I was coming from the airport. I took a taxi, and for the first time in my life the taxi driver was the best driver on the road. He was driving fast enough, but there were still cars zooming by us and passing without using a turn signal or anything.

One afternoon I was walking from my hotel to the KGB museum. I waited for the light to change. As I went across an intersection, a car heading toward the intersection sped up, not slowed down, but sped up toward the red light as I walked across the road. Thankfully I got to the sidewalk before the light changed, because that car didn't stop but instead blasted on through.

Another time I was walking across and intersection and only a meter away from the sidewalk the light changed. I heard the car to the right of me hit the gas. I literally jumped to the sidewalk, and I turned to say something but the car was long gone. Unbelievable!

When I was walking down the small streets of Old Town, I was on one of those really small sidewalks. I had cars and even a big van come within centimeters of my arm, and I was close to the wall, too. And they were driving at an incredible rate. It doesn't seem like there's any concern for safety or normal rules of the road.

Hans Lundgren,

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