Very special drive: Orange Bent Lee

  • 2009-02-11
  • By Jana Belugina

NEW TREND: The now-famous Orange Bent Lee has returned to the Seduction Discotheque.

TALLINN - The trend of going out just for the sake of couple cocktails and dancing, with or without loyalty to a specific nightclub, has finally been replaced by the latest fashion of kicking back at specially organized events.
Every year, month and even weekend, new parties are born and die 's places are known for their promoters and DJ's and everyone tries their best to not only organize something new and extraordinary, but also make it last over a period of time.

One event, which is now entering its third year of existence, is the now infamous Orange Bent Lee. After its customary month-long break, this ultra popular party is again on the Tallinn night life scene.
Every month, Orange Bent Lee takes place in Seduction Discotheque 's previously known as Riff nightclub 's where the party was born and baptized. The main idea is to create an anti-glamor atmosphere combined with a really positive way to spend time.

Contrary to other parties, Orange Bent Lee is never advertised beforehand 's news is just spread by word of mouth or a small announcement a few days before on the club's Web site 's but nevertheless the long line that always forms in front of the club on the night of this event shows that the place will always be packed.
Orange Bent Lee is always a quality way to spend time, but with a touch of something new and unexpected, something experimental, be it new beat, light or sound. The promoters of this party create the theme based on their own taste, regardless of the trend, and have so far never gone wrong. They aim for total permissiveness and a complete absence of any barriers.

Two of the "behind the scenes" promoters have extensive experience in event organization in the U.K., which is probably the reason for a unique club feeling during Orange Bent Lee.
The third thing driving OBL, and the one widely known by the public, is local dance floor superstar DJ N'Deep. He plays electro house music and is the only DJ in Estonia working on a very rare type of house called Synthpop, which is a hybrid of New Wave and Italo Disco. It has '80s rhythms, where the synthesizer is the dominant musical instrument, combining good oldies with modern sounds.
Aside from N'Deep on the top floor, there are always guest performers invited. This time the star of the Orange Bent Lee will be legendary DJ Kosinus from Russia.

DJ Kosinus is one of the brightest stars to emerge from Russia. He was widely proclaimed as the best DJ of St. Petersburg in 2004. Each new set he creates is unique, bringing a crazy charge of energy 's it is both fashionable and high quality. Playing Synthpop, Kosinus is not a simple DJ with flawless taste and techniques 's he is also a showman, leaving unforgettable memories with each performance.
The ground floor will host the highly respected DJ Paul Oja. As he characterized in his play, "I find myself often playing a lot of bmore, electro, nurave, progressive house. Well, you know, party music. Hardcore, hands in the air type of thing. So a mix set of everything like that with a little hip-hop and classics included would be the thing I would do."

The party is on for Feb. 13, which is going to be quite a rich night already, with numerous high profile parties going on, making many promoters nervous about their prospects.
Those who are familiar with Orange Bent Lee, however, most definitely won't miss it this time around. The organizers promised "we will not make propaganda for our party, there will be nothing 'that you have never seen before' since it is clear that everything has been made already and no one will invent anything new. We do not give the promises, we are keeping our word."