Police warn about crooked Kroons

  • 2008-01-28
  • In cooperation with BNS
TALLINN - Estonian police are warning people to be on the lookout for forged 500 kroon (32 euro) banknotes after several have been discovered in Kuressaare and western parts of the mainland.

According to the West Police Prefecture an attemptwas made recently to pay with a forged banknote at akiosk in Parnu,but the saleswoman noticed the forgery before the transaction was made.

Soon afterwards a fake 500 kroon banknote wasfound in the Lihula office of Uhispank. The police have takencriminal action in both the cases.

"Experts must establishwhether the Parnu and Lihula cases are connected with theforged banknotes found in Kuressaare," Kulli Kivioja,spokeswoman for the West regional prosecutor's office, told BNS. Police confirmed that they have a main suspect.

The first reports of counterfeit notes emerged on January 13. They are not particularly sophisticated, having apparently been made using a scanner and printer.