Exorcists form dream team

  • 2008-01-22
  • In cooperation with BNS
VILNIUS -- Lithuanian exorcists are joining supernatural forces in a bid to combat the armies of darkness. Following a blessing from the church, an exorcist'sassociation will soon start operation in the country.

The newly-formed association of exorcists hopes to lend a helping handto each other to rid the possessed of evil spirits, theLietuvos Zinios newspaper reports. Church hierarchs hope theorganization unifying the nation's bell, book and candle-wielders will also be able to liaise withcolleagues from other countries.

Kurtuvenai town church in the district ofSiauliai is visited by several people claiming to be possessed by evil spirits eachmonth. They come in hope of finding and getting help from priestKestutis Daknevicius. He is one of six exorcists currently operating in Lithuania.

Daknevicius believes that possession by evil spirits in a serious problemnowadays in Lithuania.

"Quite a few people come in hope of receiving help. Maybe there aren't somany real cases of possession among those that turn to us, however the casesof most applicants are really serious," Daknevicius told the daily.

"There have been some serious cases, wherein the help of a singleexorcist is not sufficient, and it becomes necessary to ask for help. Theassociation would be useful in this sense," the priest said.

The country's church hierarchy entrusted the Lithuanian Bishop'sConference's Standing Committee to approve the statute of the futureorganization during a sitting a few days ago. The clergy hopes that theexorcists' association will contribute to education and formation of newmembers.

Exorcists are elected and appointed by bishops according to spiritualityand other necessary qualities. They do not undergo any specific education,as the basics of exorcising evil spirits are covered in seminaries.