Lithuania to train nuclear power experts

  • 2008-01-16
  • From wire reports
VILNIUS - Lithuania intends to begin training young specialists in Kaunas in order to staff the country's proposed atomic energy plant, which is unlikely to be up and running for another decade.
Considering that the need for nuclear energy specialists will grow rapidly, the target is to attract four to five times more students than the current number of participants in similar training.
According to forecasts, up to 500 experts will be needed for the preparations and implementation of construction, installation and activation of equipment and other tasks, while another 500 - 600 experts will be needed for maintenance of the power plant after its construction.
No more than 30 - 40 percent of employees from the existing plant in Ignalina are to be employed at the new facility.

Currently the Kaunas University of Technology gives diplomas to about 10 nuclear energy specialists every year, the daily Kauno Diena reported.
As part of the program, Lithuania plans to acquire knowledge not just from Russian specialists, but Western ones as well. There are plans to adapt French nuclear technology as well, particularly in terms of plant construction.
KTU Vice Chancellor Pranas Zukas noted that arrangements have been made with some of France's higher education institutions so that the future employees of the Lithuanian power plant, which will be located near the existing plant in Ignalina, could acquire additional knowledge there.

While most of the training will take place in Kaunus, some of the specialists will receive their education in Vilnius University, where in conjunction with the Institute of Physics a center for studies and scientific research on nuclear power physics and environment will be established.
The new power plant should be built by 2018. Latvia, Estonia and Poland are likely to take part in the project.