The Leech with a taste for oranges

  • 2007-11-21
  • By Merje Jarv-Griffiths

ONES TO WATCH: Up-and-coming alternative rock band Leech already have a decent fan base and are poised to take the spotlight with their new album, "Tram-O-Gram."

TALLINN - "In the year 2000 a small larvae started its life in the center of an orange. A regular orange, not anything too fancy or special, but boy was it tasty. The larvae grew and grew while eating its way out of its tasty but claustrophobic home to enter the world as a full-grown leech. Full of lust for all things new and oranges, he headed out into the wild, moving slowly but surely, from one orange grove to another, avoiding being stomped or trampled from adventure to adventure. One day, he will get wings and fly amongst the whales. And while no one is quite sure when, the monkey keeps saying  it will not take long, it will not take long."

This is how the alternative rock band Leech introduce themselves on their official Web site. 
"The band is just like a marriage 's  we all complete each other. Everyone's crazy in a different way and everyone's craziness completes the others' craziness," the band's singer Rainer Peterson told The Baltic Times.
Craziness is something Leech seems to be comfortable with. Their music has always been eclectic 's they blend together influences from progressive, space and riff rock, heavy metal and mainstream pop. And they always do this in English.

The three other men that make up Leech are Magnus Andre (bass), Ivo Koopuud (guitar) and  Erik Neuman (drums). As is common with Estonian musicians, most of them are also involved in other projects. Andre is also part of Black Sabbath tribute group PlekkSaapad and alternative rock band Melmac, Neuman has been part of metal band Loom, and Rainer is half the pop-industrial duo RUHT.
The band has done over fifty live shows and has released two singles so far ("Disconnected" in 2003, and "Powerfields," which was in the Baltic New Music Chart last year).

While Leech has quite a large group of fans out there, it has so far not made a name for itself in the recording world. But with the release of the long-awaited album "Tram-O-Gram," which the band members describe as "the first album of the chaos managers and intergalactic progressive metal pilots [that] crashes the sound systems, decks and boom boxes of the fans like a flying saucer that hit Roswell," the band has not disappointed its supporters.

It has been said that Estonia has never had a flawless alternative rock band that we could proudly present to the rest of the world. I believe that Leech might just take the cake with their new album.
But judge for yourself 's go and listen to what the band describes as its "postcards from a post-apocalyptic world that might not be such a bad place without humans."

Leech live:
Nov. 23: Rockstar's, Tallinn
Nov. 30: Lutsu Teater, Tartu
Dec. 21: Green Christmas, Rakvere