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Vodka cheaper in Berlin than in Tallinn

  • 2007-01-24
  • By TBT staff
A September survey carried out by the Estonian Institute of Economic Research found that the price of vodka was 15 percent higher in Tallinn than in Berlin. In its price survey carried out in September, 2006, the institute compared the prices of the most popular local vodka brands in the supermarkets of nine EU capitals. According to the survey, a 0.7 to 0.75 liter glass bottle of 38-40 proof vodka cost an average of 87.70 kroons (5.60 euros) in Tallinn, while in Germany the average cost of 75.73 kroons (4.84 euros). The price of vodka was 37 percent lower in Riga and 10 percent lower in Vilnius. According to the survey, vodka is the most expensive in Stockholm where clients have to pay nearly four times the Tallinn price for a bottle.