British, US soldiers to train for Afghanistan in Estonia

  • 2006-07-31
  • TBT Staff
Soldiers from Britain and the United States will take part in a training exercise with Estonian troops to prepare for combat in Afghanistan.
About 250 soldiers from the two countries will take part in the drills in Estonia, codenamed Kalev Express, the daily newspaper Eesti Paevaleht reports.
The purpose of the exercise will be to improve the Estonian troops' skills in working with other NATO forces and practice having command of international units, spokesman for the defense forces Georgi Kokoshinski told the paper.
"In the course of practical training the Scouts Battalion and British soldiers are going to practice actions for an Afghanistan-type mission, such as patrolling together," Kokoshinski said.
As Estonian military personnel will have to work together with Americans in Afghanistan, a platoon of US soldiers will join the drills.
The exercise begins with a two-day basic preparation followed by practical training. Anti-terror actions will be practiced.
The plan and exact location of the training will be decided at the beginning of September, but most of the action will apparently take place in the Harju County, surrounding the capital Tallinn.
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