Estonian opposition leader criticizes Ansip on nuclear power

  • 2006-02-28
  • TBT Staff
TALLINN, Feb 28 's The head of Estonia's opposition Pro Patria Union, Tonis Lukas, on Feb. 28 called for a joint discussion on the country's energy policy, while decrying plans to move the country toward nuclear power.

"No effective energy development plan foresees Estonia's accession to a nuclear power program," Lukas said.

Parliament should discuss Estonia's nuclear ambitions, he said.

The Pro Patria Union criticized Prime Minister Andrus Ansip's preliminary agreement to build a new nuclear power plant, saying it was not sure what Ansip had agreed upon. It was not clear, the party said in a statement, what Estonia would have to do in light of handling nuclear waste.

"Accession to nuclear power programs is a matter of wide public discussion in the world. But here the prime minister pays a visit to a friendly neighboring country and hands out promises without the matter having been discussed in Estonia," Lukas said. "The CEO of the national power company, however, is happy for the political support for their plans."

"I understand that Estonia is a parliamentary country and the prime minister's personal decision in such an important issue does not suffice."

The three Baltic prime ministers met in Lithuania on Feb. 27 and expressed support for a joint plan among their national power companies, Eesti Energia, Latvenego and Lietuvos energija, to build a plant.

If agreed upon, construction of a nuclear power plant could begin in seven years.