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Magic bus

  • 2006-02-15
  • By Jane Griffiths
I think Neil Taylor, respected guidebook author though he may be, is wrong when he says that Riga is keeping its public transport inaccessible to foreigners. I have been here for four weeks and have used public transport from day one.

There is no information in English, true, at bus stops, but it is not necessary because every stop has a clear timetable on it, and even with no Latvian or Russian all you need to know is that the fare is 20 santims. I have no Latvian (yet 's can someone teach me, please?), but I have had no difficulty. Where I do think Neil Taylor is right is in saying that the airport bus stops are hidden away from visitors. But travel Web sites feature very many people, including the much-derided stag weekend visitors, who have used airport and other buses to get around. Everyone who visits these sites knows that you get the 22 to the airport.



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